Hazelnut Praliné Mousse

Recipe by Peter Remmelzwaal



  1. Mix the gelatine with cold water (1).
  2. Heat the sugar with water (2) to 120°C and mix it with the pasteurised egg yolk (pâte à bombe).
  3. Whisk the pâte à bombe until light using a blender and whisk.
  4. Then whisk the cream until soft peaks form using a blender and whisk.
  5. Boil the milk and dissolve the gelatine in it.
  6. Stir the hot milk through the chocolate and add the praliné.
  7. Mix with the stick blender until smooth.
  8. Use a spatula to fold the light pâte à bombe into the chocolate mixture and then add the whipped cream.
  9. Mix well.
  10. Use the praliné mousse straight away.