Calamansi Sunset

Recipe by Jeroen Goossens

Summer dessert of yogurt, white chocolate, calamansi, red fruit and hibiscus

This recipe consists of 10 components:

  1. Ring green chocolate (Veliche Obsession 30% and green coloring)
  2. Almond croquant (Recipe A)
  3. Biscuit roulee (Recipe B)
  4. Fresh strawberry
  5. Coullis red fruit hibiscus (Recipe C)
  6. Ice cream of yogurt and white chocolate (Recipe D)
  7. Cremeux calamansi (Recipe E)
  8. Fresh raspberries
  9. Four leaf clover and fresh blueberry (Veliche Obsession 30% and green cocoa butter)
  10. Fresh currant


  • Roll the green chocolate into a 12cm diameter ring.
  • Bake Recipe A (Almond Croquant) into 10cm diameter rings and punch out hole of 6cm diameter.
  • Prepare Recipe B (Biscuit Roulee) and roll the 2 types into a roll of 7cm diameter and freeze and cut slices of 3mm thickness.
  • Slice strawberries.
  • Prepare Recipe C (Coullis red fruit hibiscus).
  • Prepare Recipe D (Ice cream of yogurt and white chocolate) and scoop into quenelle form, and serve at -10˚ C.
  • Prepare Recipe E (Cremeux Calamansi) and sprinkle with calamansi grater.
  • Cut fresh raspberries in half.
  • Stencil white chocolate on pre-colored plastic sheets using clover 4 stencil. Then cool and unload.
  • Add fresh currants.
  • Place all parts on the plate as in the picture and lastly the ice cream part.

Recipe A: Almond Croquant


90gr sugar

2gr pectin N.H.

50gr butter

30gr glucose

30gr calamansi

110gr shaved almonds


  • Mix all the dry ingredients
  • Heat the butter, calamansi and glucose
  • Mix together and bake in molds of +-10cm diameter with hole of +-6cm diameter at 155˚ C for 15min.

Recipe B: Biscuit Roulee


275gr sugar

320gr egg white

190gr flour

275gr egg yolk

2gr salt


  • Beat the egg white with the sugar until stiff.
  • Mix in the yolk.
  • Add flour and salt.
  • Spread the batter to a thickness of 5mm.
  • Keep 1/3 of the batter and color it green and spread it on 3mm thickness.
  • Bake it at 220 ˚ C.
  • Brush it with a little cremeux (Recipe E) and roll the 2 colors together into a roll of 7cm diameter.

Recipe C: Coullis red fruit hibiscus


200gr red fruit (redcurrant, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry)

20gr inulin

20gr glucose

1 hibiscus extract or hibiscus tea

1 citric acid


  • Turn everything to a smooth sauce and strain it out (process raw materials cold).

Recipe D: Yogurt and white chocolate ice cream


360gr of milk

50gr of sugar

200gr white chocolate (Veliche Obsession 30%)

400gr full yogurt

25gr yoghurt powder

2gr stabilizer


  • Heat half of the milk and dissolve the white chocolate and glucose in it.
  • Mix the sugar with the stabilizer and yogurt powder.
  • Add everything together and turn in an ice cream maker to -10 ˚ C.

Recipe E: Cremeux Calamansi


170gr calamansi juice

100gr sugar

150gr egg

75gr egg yolk

3gr gelatin

15gr water

100gr butter

30gr Veliche Euphoria Caramel 31% chocolate


  • Heat the juice and half the sugar.
  • Soak the gelatin and water.
  • Beat the egg, egg yolk, and remaining sugar until smooth.
  • Mix juice and egg mass and heat until cooked (+-83 ˚ C).
  • Briefly mix remainder with hand blender until smooth.
  • Pipe into molds and freeze.
  • Unload and sprinkle with grated calamansi.