Workability, bite and snap: chef Peter Remmelzwaal explains why he chooses Veliche™

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In our previous blog, you could read how our premium Belgian chocolate ensures perfect workability. Together with 100 chefs, pastry chefs and chocolatiers, Veliche™ Gourmet went in search of the perfect ratio of cocoa, fat percentage and viscosity. This resulted in a range of chocolates that meets your specific demands.

Now, we’d like to help you find out for yourself how easy Veliche™ Gourmet chocolate is to work with! We’ve asked award-winning chef Peter Remmelzwaal to tell you what matters to him when working with chocolate – and why Veliche™ Gourmet ticks the boxes. What’s more – at the end of this blog, you can request a free sample!

“Chocolate can be tempered in several ways”, explains Peter Remmelzwaal, member of the official Dutch Pastry Team and on-call pastry chef of the Royal Family. “Today, this is often done using a tempering machine, but if you want to temper chocolate by hand, you should work on a marble table. Why? A marble table absorbs and drains heat very quickly. Of course, the quality of the chocolate you work with is essential to the final result.” Besides taste, Peter Remmelzwaal finds the fluidity and workability of chocolate most important. “The thickness must be just right for your application, and the liquidity has to be constant. You really want consistent quality, especially when pouring molten chocolate into bonbon moulds, for example. It’s also vital that the chocolate melts well – although that’s something I would expect from every chocolate.” 12mm Veliche™ Gourmet chocolate dots are ideal to work with, for novices and experienced pastry chefs alike, says Chef Remmelzwaal. “The tempering curve of the chocolate is clearly indicated on the packaging. If you follow this, you can create a perfect shine, as well as an excellent bite and snap every time.”

For Peter Remmelzwaal, the perfect chocolate shouldn’t be too thick or too thin. Of course, the ideal consistency also depends on what you’re planning to do with the chocolate. If it is going to be used for decorating, it needs to be harder and thicker than chocolate that is going to be processed in a recipe. “If I want the chocolate to be more fluid, for example when pouring moulds, I add more cocoa butter myself. I also use cocoa butter to create colours.”

Why would you recommend Veliche ™ Gourmet to other chefs?

“The full, rich, textured taste of Veliche ™ Gourmet chocolate is fantastic. When we consider price in relation to quality, Veliche ™ Gourmet really sets itself apart from the competition. Apart from that, the dots are very easy to melt and process. Thanks to the clear instructions on the packaging, you can achieve the perfect bite and shine every time.”

Don’t just take our word for it, though – find out for yourself! You can request a free sample by emailing [email protected]. Of course, we would love to hear your experiences. Get inspired with our recipes here.

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