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Whether you own a bakery, patisserie or an online bonbon store, as a business owner and entrepreneur it is extremely important to pay attention to both the product that your customer buys and the customer experience he has in the process. This builds loyalty, creates free publicity and eventually drives revenue.

Today we introduce you to Adrienne de Rijk, the owner of Maison Verspyck. As a trusted Veliche™ customer and owner of a B&B in Bergen Aan Zee, Adrienne stands out in her impressive customer rating of 9.9 on Her customers speak very fondly of everything from her décor, the food she serves and the warmth of her hospitality. In other words: they speak of the exceptional customer experience that she creates for her guests.

In the extremely competitive industry of B&B and hospitality, Adrienne differentiates herself with her superior customer experience. In this community spotlight, therefore, we ask Adrienne to share her tips on how to create the best customer experience.

She offers the following advice:

1. It’s all about the details:

She knows her guests visit Bergen Aan Zee for s its beautiful beach. So she recreated that atmosphere in her B&B by choosing to decorate it with a color palette inspired by the sea. Every detail at Maison Verspyck reminds you of the ocean: even the little fish on the candle holders!

Tip for you: Pay attention to the environment surrounding the food that you serve. From the tableware, cutlery, textiles, color palette and packaging, every part plays a subtle but important role

2. Choose your suppliers with care:

Her suppliers are carefully selected to offer the perfect experience for her guests. high quality bread and wine and of course rich premium Veliche™ Gourmet chocolate products all create the perfect food experience her guests love.

Tip for you: Your product will only be as good as the ingredients you use. So select your ingredients in a way that you can “stand out from the crowd” and be different.

3. Choose a target segment to serve:

Do you want to serve an exclusive audience or be more mainstream? This will be the starting point of understanding what type of customer experience to create for your business.

Tip for you: Being a business owner is all about making choices, not only about what you want to do but also about what you don’t want to do. Be clear on who you don’t want to target. That way you can focus on making your target audience LOVE your business.

4. Keep reinventing yourself:

Adrienne keeps trying to offer better experiences to her customers, whether it’s about better cappuccinos or delicious homemade bonbons. She keeps learning and growing and her customers appreciate the difference.

Tip for you: In today’s changing world, customers’ tastes change every day. Don’t give them a chance to get bored of your offerings. There is always room to make a good experience great.

5. Go the extra mile:

Whether creating a special itinerary for her guests’ wedding anniversary or preparing special treats for a unique breakfast request, Adrienne does everything to make her guests happy.

Tip for you: Customers love the unexpected. Offer them something they don’t expect, even if it’s a small free bonbon with every purchase or a handwritten note with every order. They will always remember you with positivity, tell their friends about their experience and you will feel the positive impact on your business.

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