Recipe by Jeroen Goossens

This recipe consists of the following components:

  • Fan of sugar (flowerpaste)
  • Marzipan flour
  • Dancer of chocolate
  • Skirt of red-colored chocolate (Veliche Obsession 30%)
  • Cremeux blood orange (recipe A)
  • Sangria Confit (Recipe B)
  • Compote blood orange (recipe C)
  • Mousseline spices (recipe D)
  • Almond biscuit (recipe E)
  • Caramel Base (recipe F)


  1. Prepare recipes B & C and fill cone molds with these fillings, freeze and unload.
  2. Prepare recipe E. Spread batter to 5 mm thickness bake to 210 °C, 6 minutes and cut out 4.5 cm circles.
  3. Prepare recipe F and roll between two sheets of baking paper and cool. Then cut it out at 5.5 cm.
  4. Prepare recipe A and fill the mold and pour out almost everything so that a thin layer remains, cool the molds.
  5. Prepare recipe D and fill the molds to half and fill the molds with the interiors.
  6. Freeze and release the desserts.
  7. Plicate thin layers of red chocolate and put them directly around the dessert so they stick.
  8. Put the decorations on the dessert.
  9. Spray the skirt with red cocoa butter.

Recipe A - Cremeux Blood Orange


170g blood orange juice

100g sugar

150g egg

75g egg yolk

3g gelatin

15g water

100g butter

30g Veliche Euphoria caramel chocolate

2g red food coloring

10g Cointreau


  • Heat the juice and half of the sugar
  • Soak the gelatin in the water
  • Beat the egg, egg yolk and remaining sugar until smooth.
  • Mix the juice and egg mass and heat until done (+-83 °C)
  • Briefly mix remainder with hand blender until smooth

Recipe B - Sangria Confit


50g blood orange jam

150g blood orange puree

100g red dessert wine

70g honey

2g orange zest

8g cinnamon stick

15g cold binder (Quelli)

15g Cointreau

6g gelatin

30g water


  • Boil the top six ingredients
  • Soak the gelatin and water
  • Mix everything with the hand blender 
  • Pour into the molds and leave to set in the refrigerator (keep 100 g of this recipe as this is needed for recipe C)

Recipe C - Compote blood orange


100g Sangria confit see recipe B

500g cleaned parts of blood orange


  • Heat the confit to ±60 °C
  • Add the blood orange parts
  • Fill into the pre-cooled molds
  • Freeze and unload

Recipe D - Mousseline spices


300g cream

180g white chocolate Veliche Obsession 30%

50g pasteurized egg yolk

50g sugar

50g water

150g milk

7g gelatine

35g water

4g speculoos spices


  • Beat the cream almost stiff
  • Soak the gelatin and water
  • Boil the sugar and water to 120°C
  • Beat the yolk with the hot sugar syrup until it becomes tough and almost cold
  • Boil the milk with the spices and dissolve the gelatin mass and chocolate in it
  • Strain through a very fine sieve and cool to 25°C
  • Mix in the yolk mass and finally the whipped cream

Recipe E - Almond cookie


135g egg

20g sugar

90g almond powder

90g sugar

20gr butter

80gr eggwhite

 35gr flour

1gr salt

 4gr orange zest


  • Mix egg, 20gr sugar and almond powder until smooth.
  • Beat egg whites with 90g sugar
  • Melt butter until beurre noisette (light brown)
  • Add egg mass with foam mass, butter and dry substances together with spatula until batter (see further construction instructions)

Recipe F - Caramel base


150g Veliche Hazelnut Praline 65%

150g Veliche Euphoria caramel chocolate

150g Crispy Crunchies

2g salt

5g orange zest


Mix everything at 35C.