Tinto de Verano

Recipe by Jeroen Goossens

This recipe consists of 6 components:

  1. Leaf of white chocolate Veliche Obsession 30% + green cocoa butter
  2. Stalk of white chocolate Veliche Obsession 30% colored green
  3. Lemon Cremeux (Recipe A)
  4. Lemon Granite (Recipe B)
  5. Almond lemon parfait (Recipe C)
  6. Almond biscuit (Recipe D)


  • Prepare Recipe A and fill lemon molds with this and pour again so that a thin layer is in the mold. Then freeze.
  • Prepare Recipe B and fill with it 10 × 7=70 wedge-shaped molds. Then freeze at -35 °C.
  • Prepare Recipe C and use it to fill the lemon molds and at the same time press in the granite wedges. Then freeze at -35°C.
  •  Prepare Recipe D and spread to +-8mm and bake at 200 °C +-8min. Cut out in oval of 7cm diameter.
  • Tremble the sponge cake with 10% limoncello and place on plates slightly apart.
  • Loosen the lemon desserts and place on the sponge cake and decorate with airbrush and the chocolate decorations as in the picture.

Recipe A – Lemon Cremeux


170gr lemon juice

100gr sugar

150gr egg

75gr egg yolk

3gr gelatin

15gr water

100gr butter

10gr Euphoria Caramel chocolate, Veliche

2gr lemon yellow food coloring

4gr citric acid


  • Heat the lemon juice and half the sugar
  • Soak the gelatin in the water
  • Beat the egg, egg yolk, and remaining sugar until smooth
  • Mix the juice and egg mass and heat until cooked (+-83 °C)
  • Briefly mix remainder with hand blender until smooth

Recipe B - Granite Lemon


400gr lemon juice

200gr clear orange juice

100gr glicerin


Mix everything and check at +-19°C Brix

Recipe C - Almond-limoncello parfait


100gr sugar + 50gr water

90gr pasteurized egg yolk

30gr almond pâté

450gr whipped cream

4gr lemon zest

40gr limoncello


  • Boil the sugar with water to 120°C pour it in with the yolk and whisk until the mixture has turned cold. Put it on ice.
  • Mix in the almond pâté, lemon zest, and limoncello.
  • Finally, mount the cream through it.

Recipe D – Almond biscuit


135g egg

20g sugar

90g almond powder

90g sugar

20gr butter

80gr eggwhite

35gr flour

1gr salt

4gr orange zest


  • Mix egg, 20gr sugar and almond powder until smooth.
  • Beat egg whites with 90g sugar
  • Melt butter until beurre noisette (light brown)
  • Add egg mass with foam mass, butter and dry substances together with spatula until batter (see further construction instructions)