A closer look at Veliche™ Fundamental with François Galtier

story by François Galtier

Veliche™ Gourmet is here to empower you and help you realise stunning and tasty creations! Our range of ‘Fundamentals’ recipes provides chocolatiers, pastry chefs, patissiers, or other demanding gourmet professionals with easy recipes that help you further improve your skills and which can be used as the basis for larger masterpieces. In this blog, ambassador chef François Galtier discusses the origin and purpose of these Fundamentals.

“These ‘Fundamentals’ are an essential creative foundation for every chef. The recipes offer the key to creating unique pastry recipes with your Veliche™ Gourmet favourite chocolate flavours, while being 100% sure the result will be great. The recipes also offer tips for obtaining better results, and ideas for personalization with different ingredients. If chefs want to try our chocolate, they don’t need to rebalance their own creations, as Veliche™ Gourmet has already worked this out – a great time-saver! The balance between ingredients is essential to obtaining the best chocolate taste and texture. Fundamental recipes help make tailor-made creations, in which flavours are always perfectly balanced and adjusted. Chefs can develop their own recipes based on these Fundamentals.”

Did you know that you can easily flavour mousses by adding an infusion (such as vanilla, coffee, tea or aromatic herbs)? Find out more, Fundamental: Light Chocolate Mousses.

“It’s worth pointing out that each recipe can be made with any type of Veliche™ Gourmet chocolate. This is tested extensively. Chefs can really personalise each recipe while retaining optimal texture and balance by using their favourite chocolate from the range, and working with the tips. I would say this working tool is an excellent reference for creating top-notch recipes while adding your personal touch – all without having to waste time carrying out different tests!”

“For beginners, this is an important, very useful recipe database, as it is all about the ‘basics’ of bakery, pastry and chocolaterie. These basics provide a foundation to build on – the stronger the foundation, the higher the level a chef can reach.

Perfect your technique, learn how to create a delightfully crunchy praliné filling for your bonbons.

“These recipes are also really suitable for large-scale production, even if staff are not really highly qualified. Processes are very simple and there are only a few ingredients to weigh. Set control points secure the optimal success of the recipe. Working with the recipes is really very easy! Let me offer an example: if I want to make a chocolate brioche with a hazelnut praliné filling, I go to the ‘Brioches’ category and I take the brioche recipe that corresponds to my idea, looking at the type of chocolate and inclusions such as Drops, Chunks or nuts. There are always some suggestions for adding your own touch. Next, I go to the ‘Custard Creams’ category to get a recipe for a hazelnut praliné filling. All I need to do is follow the instructions for each part, and then assemble them. After baking the brioche, I can fill it with hazelnut praliné custard cream for an ultra-creamy texture.”

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