Ganaches for Pastry

Recipe by François Galtier



Heat the cream with glucose, inverted sugar, sugar, milk powder, butter and cocoa butter at the ‘warming up temperature’ mentioned and pouronto the chocolate to make a ganache. Blend well and pour at ‘pouring temperature’ given. Allow to crystallise in refrigerator or freezer.

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Chef's Tip

You can very easily flavour the ganache by adding an infusion to the cream (such as vanilla, coffee, tea, or aromatic herbs). Make the infusion in pure cream and scale the cream again afterwards to obtain the right quantity. The best eating temperature for this ganache is around 10/12°C, like all refrigerated chocolate cakes. If you use this ganache for chocolate pie, brush a mix of 100g of chocolate and 30g of oil into the baking form. This will protect the cake from humidity. An ideal pastry recipe for chocolate pie, Opera cake, Sacher tart and more.