Chocolate Brownie

Recette de Veliche™



Slowly mix egg, sugar, brown sugar and vanilla bean pulp in order to melt the sugar. Mix slowly - do not whisk the preparation. At the same time, heat the cream with butter to 100°C and pour onto the chocolate to make a ganache. Add this ganache to the egg preparation and finish the mix by adding flour. Spread out in the mould and sprinkle with chopped nuts before baking. Bake approximately 15 minutes at 170°C in a ventilated oven (baking time and temperature can be adapted to size and thickness).

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Conseil du chef

Experiment with different nuts for the topping. You can even create your own cocktail of nuts and dried fruits. There are two approaches to bake brownies. The process above results in ‘half-baked’ brownies. By extending the baking time, you will get ‘fully baked’ brownies. The ideal eating temperature is around 20-22°C.