Summer ice cream 'on a stick'

Recept van Peter Remmelzwaal

Recipe for around 20 ice creams sticks.

  1. White chocolate ice cream
  2. Kalamansi sorbet
  3. Yellow chocolate coating
  4. Decoration

White chocolate ice cream


  1. Mix the binder with the dextrose
  2. Add the egg yolk with dextrose and stir well until smooth.
  3. Boil the milk and cream. Add the egg yolk and pasteurized the composition at 84c.
  4. Add the white chocolate and Cortina and blend the composition smooth with a blender.
  5. Cool down for at least 12 hours before use.

Kalamansi sorbet

  • 300 gr Kalamansi puree
  • 200 gr Mandarin juice
  • 100 gr Water
  • 375 gr Sugar sirup (see recipe below)
  • 10 gr Sugar
  • 3 gr Binder for sorbets


  1. Mix the kalamansi puree, mandarin juice and water with the sugar sirup.
  2. Mix the binder with 10 grams of sugar and add to the puree/juice.
  3. Use a hand-blender to mix well.
  4. Leave for 30 min. rest in the fridge.
  5. Turbine in the ice cream machine.

Sugar sirup 70%

  • 140 gr Water
  • 200 gr Sugar
  • 55 gr Dextrose
  • 90 gr Maltodextrin DE18
  • 10 gr Invert sugar


  1. Mix all ingredients and pasteurized at 85c.
  2. Cool down, cover and leave at room temperature.

Yellow chocolate coating (for dipping)


  1. Melt the white chocolate and cocoa butter.
  2. Mix all ingredients together and add the color
  3. Use at 35c for dipping the ice creams.


Use Leman Decorations 'daisy' (flower), and some pieces of candied lemon peel to decorate the ice creams directly after dipping.

How to make:

Use a ‘ice cream stick mold’ to make the ice cream.

Use the kalamansi sorbet as interieur of the ice cream, with the white chocolate ice cream on the outside.

When the sticks are frozen, release the from the mold and dip directly into the chocolate coating.

TIP: Use some candied lemon/orange sticks peel for inside the kalamansi sorbet. It’s will give something extra for the bite and flavor.