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To one in five consumers, sustainability is more important than price1. Research shows there is also emphasis on sustainability within the restaurant industry is growing, too2. If you want to cater to increasingly critical guests, or if you are an ecologically aware (pastry) chef, you’ll want to know where the chocolate you use used has been sourced – from bean to kitchen. We ensure all our chocolate is 100% sustainable, helping you to keep up with growing demand for ethically sourced products.

Rainforest Alliance™

In order to offer sustainable products, with a 100% transparent origin, we source cocoa exclusively from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization that works at the intersection of business, agriculture and forestry. The organisation’s goal is to make responsible business the ‘new normal’. Rainforest Alliance™ certification covers the ground the beans are grown in and the hands that planted them. By working with the Rainforest Alliance™, Veliche™ Gourmet contributes to conserving nature and to improving cocoa farmers’ living and working conditions. Creative strategies to protect vulnerable landscapes, restore degraded areas, and provide indigenous communities with a sustainable livelihood are designed and implemented with local farmers and partners.

Find out more about Rainforest Alliance™ here.

Veliche™ Gourmet has chosen to join the Rainforest Alliance™ because:

  • Their quality mark is the most recognisable certification in the world
  • We both care about environment and nature conservation
  • We both contribute to improve the living income of cocoa farmers

You can use Rainforest Alliance™ certification, too

Would you like to clearly indicate to your customers that you use ingredients from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms? By following four simple steps, you can also to start using the ‘Rainforest Alliance Certified™’ seal of approval in your communication. After being officially admitted to the program, you can use Rainforest Alliance™ labels on your packaging, menu and website. The seal of approval stands for more efficient farm management, reduced threats to the environment and human health, wildlife habitat protection and less waste, soil erosion, water consumption and pollution.

  1. Register on Marketplace 2.0
  2. Sign a License Agreement with the Rainforest Alliance™
  3. Upload your designs on Marketplace
  4. Get a trademark approval for each design from the Rainforest Alliance

Show your support: it’s easy and free of charge.

You can order the step-by-step guide and additional information here. Over 1,000 chocolate professionals have already joined the community. Like us, they are striving to improve the transparency of their product offering whilst making a contribution to environmental protection and better living and working conditions for cocoa farmers and their families.

Veliche™ Gourmet is a premium Belgian chocolate range for artisans and chefs. We offer 100% sustainable chocolate with truly exceptional taste, great workability and consistent quality at an affordable price. Take a look at our inspiration page for delicious recipes.

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