Saint Nicomics

Recette de François Galtier

I. Compositon

II. White Spray


Melt cocoa butter and blend with chocolate and calcium. Spray at 29°C.

III. Montage

Mold all elements with tempered dark chocolate and let crystallize. Roll out red CHOCODECOR with corn starch to be ready to cut. Shape white CHOCODECOR for beard and mustache. Fix the 2 half-spheres to make a nice ball and fix also the hands, then stick the base of the ball to a board to be very stable. 

Spray this base with white spray recipe at 29°C and let crystallize. Stick this base to the shoes, place the beard and mustache. Stick now scarf, cape and the 2 small drops colored in gold. Curve the miter shape to be in ring and stick on the top. With a small brush, draw a cross using gold painting, on scarf and on miter. 

Stick now the eyes between mustache and miter and cane into the hand. You can fix this figurine to a chocolate base to be more stable for transportation, depending of your own packaging.