Démonstration en Thaïlande : expérience de formation et recettes inspirantes

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From Monday June 24 to Friday June 28, Veliche™ Gourmet held product demonstrations in Thailand, organised with local distributor La Vanille. Find out more about the idea behind these demonstrations and how our chef’s chocolate creativity resulted in several delicious recipes, specially created for this occasion – and which are now available online!

Veliche™ Gourmet ambassador Chef François Galtier gave the demos, for which he developed several seriously tasty, texturally pleasing creations with Veliche™ Gourmet chocolate, highlighting the Sensation 72, Emotion 58, Intense 35 and Obsession 30 chocolate types in the process. (Find out more about our chocolates here.)

Chef Francois Galtier inspires people around the world with Veliche™ Gourmet, presenting and sharing new techniques, recipes and pastry applications. Our demonstration in Thailand consisted of two hands-on trainings focusing on petits fours and small size cakes, each lasting two days. Relying on his bronze World Pastry Cup winner skills, Francois developed seven luscious recipes and offered participants an opportunity to learn new techniques one-on-one.

The attending passionate chefs could immediately apply their newly learned skills in practice, and quite a few exquisite creations were made during the bonbon demonstration on Wednesday. François Galtier created a lifelike (mousse-filled) mango and tree stump, and a host of other tasty, surprising treats.

We fully understand that personal experience of a chocolate is very important for professional artisans. Demonstrations like the one in Thailand are essential, as they allow artisans to experience Veliche™ Gourmet for themselves. In this way, they discover how the taste and workability of our Belgian chocolates can help them be extremely creative! Our complete range is tailored to every application, usage and recipe imaginable. Using our premium chocolate in fantastic creations allowed them to experience first-hand how our chocolate can be easily processed into a wide variety of recipes and helps achieve the ultimate taste, quality and shine in any creation.

The wonderful recipes made during this demo are too good to be kept secret, so we’ve decided to share them to inspire all of the chefs that couldn’t attend in person. You can find all seven recipes on our website!

Here are three examples of what you can expect:

  • Mango: Taste the delicious freshness in this pastry, brought to you by incorporating mango cream and luscious mango mousse. Our Obsession 30 Belgian white chocolate plays an essential role in this recipe.
  • Stump: this incredible tree stump is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Discover how to make this stump with using soft speculoos biscuit and chocolate cream with a delicious cappuccino flavour. Click here.
  • Sensibility: this spectacular frozen cake is made with apple cream, soft caramel, vanilla mousse and our Obsession 30 Belgian white chocolate. Here, you can find out how to get this ultra shiny vanilla glaze.

Curious about our other recipes? Click here. As your dedicated partner, we aim to support you in achieving the highest levels of creativity. Discover our premium Belgian chocolate and create excellent results. Follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook to stay up-to-date with our demonstrations and latest recipes. Don’t forget to share your own unique recipes with #velichegourmet.

About chef François Galtier

François Galtier is one of Belgium’s most renowned chocolate and pastry experts. He is an International Consultant Chef in the Pastry, Confectionery, Ice cream and Biscuit sectors, and came in third at the 2009 World Pastry Cup with the Belgian team. We are proud that chef Francois Galtier is ambassador of Veliche™ Gourmet.

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