How to promote your creations on Instagram!

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Today, more than ever, social networks ans Instagram are great levers to

to showcase your skills and talent.

Here are some tips to help you enhance your creations and your work on Instagram.

1/ Take your own photos for Instagram.

> Use natural light

Avoid using the flash device in favour of natural light, which creates richer, brighter pictures.

> No blurring, overexposure, underexposure or backlighting

For a photo to be successful, it must be sharp and bright without being overexposed.

One way to avoid overexposure is to tap your finger on the brightest part of your phone screen.

> Carefully choose the background

Make sure that there are no unsightly elements in the background and that all the elements in the frame are harmonious.

> Use the in-camera retouching feature (or any other similar app)

If your photo looks too bland, the light is not good enough or you quite simply do not like it, you can edit it when you publish it or beforehand using the editing features of your phone.

2 / To give visibility to your content on Instagram

> Use “popular” hashtags

Nothing could be simpler, you just have to search for keywords around your creation (chocolate, food, etc.), and see the #s that are successful. Be careful though, ensure that your selection also reflects your universe.

> Use Intagram stories

To let your community know that you have just posted a new photo

, do not hesitate to create a “new post” story that only reveals part of your content and encourages your community to check out your page to find out more!

> Post frequently

To benefit from the best visibility on Instagram it is important to publish content regularly.

Rather than posting several pieces of content at the same time, it is better to publish

on a regular basis.

Tip: Set up your post planning for the month ahead to remind you to create enough content

and set reminders so you don’t forget to publish them.

You shall now be ready to get started! And last but not least: be confident and trust yourself!

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