The importance of bake stable chocolate

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Whenever a recipe calls for chocolate to be processed inside a creation before it is placed in the oven, it is important to work with bake stable chocolate. Bake stability is a property of an inclusion to keep its properties during the baking process. So the product should be able to withstand high temperatures (up to 200+°C) for the whole duration of the baking. For example, if you add a ‘normal’ degustation chocolate chunks on top of cookies before baking, it’s very possible that the chocolate will totally melt, leak out of the cookie, and very likely develop a sort of burnt crust which will negatively impact the finished product. A bake stable chocolate chunk, on the other hand, will ‘survive’ the process. Yes, the chocolate will melt, but it will keep the shape, won’t burn, or overcook, and will keep its delicious taste.

As an artisan, it is important that you can consistently offer the highest possible quality. However, chocolate is a delicate ingredient. Maintaining its shape and texture when it is exposed to heat can be a challenge – especially in recipes that involve baking. With that in mind, Veliche Gourmet has developed bake stable chocolate that always retains the same high level of quality. We offer bake stable Belgian chocolate Drops and Chunks and chocolate Batons. Their composition ensures that they keep a nice shape and delicious taste after baking, ensuring an amazing finished product!

Our bake stable chocolate is specifically developed for working into baking products such as bread, desserts and pastries. Make the tastiest brownies, cakes, muffins or sweet brioches with these delicious high-quality chocolate Drops.

Our chefs’ favourite recipes made with bake stable chocolate:

To help bakers in the Netherlands select the right chocolate ingredients for their recipes, Veliche Gourmet was present at Bakkersvak trade fair. Bakkersvak was held from February 10 to 12 in Gorinchem, the Netherlands. Over the course of three days, 8,500 pastry chefs, bakers, chocolatiers and catering professionals attended the most important – in fact, the only – dedicated bakery platform in the Netherlands. Here, Veliche Gourmet showed bakers how Veliche Gourmet chocolate can be used in their recipes and demonstrated the bake stable chocolate.

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