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Veliche™ Gourmet Belgian chocolate helps you achieve the highest levels of flavour, quality and shine in all your creations. Veliche™ Gourmet chocolate is tailored 100% to the wishes of today’s culinary professionals. It makes your work easier and the end result better. A chocolate that is rich in character and complex in taste, but also remarkably workable. This guarantees a high degree of creativity at an affordable cost. Find out more in this blog!

As a professional artisan, you need your creations to achieve that perfect shine, thickness and crunch every time. This requires professional-grade tempering. When you melt a piece of chocolate, the fatty acid crystals in the cocoa butter separate. The object of tempering is to make sure these crystals get back together into a stable form. Solidifying the chocolate in this way helps avoid a number of undesirable side effects: fat bloom, lack of shine, chocolate which is too thin or too thick, bubbles, or bars that lack a desirable ‘snap’.

Only closely controlled tempering allows you to introduce cocoa butter crystals into your end product in their most stable and solid form, retaining texture, snap and shine, and get the best possible flavour from your carefully chosen chocolate. Tempering is different for each type of chocolate – dark, white or milk. Each has its own specific tempering curve that allows you to precisely temper the chocolates. The tempering curve shows the temperatures at which three different stages of the tempering process take place. First the temperature decreases and crystals are created. Next, the temperature increased, melting unstable crystals. Finally, the chocolate is cooled, and crystals are propagated.

Together with 100 chefs, patissiers and chocolatiers, we went in search of the perfect ratio of cocoa, fat percentage and viscosity. (The percentage of cocoa is measured by combining the dry extract of cocoa and the amount of cocoa butter used in a recipe.) Following in-depth discussions with these experts, we have developed a range of chocolates that meets their specific demands.

Veliche™ Gourmet can be heated and cooled at exactly the right temperature, as the specific tempering curves of each chocolate are shown on the back of the packet. The chocolate. melts quickly and homogeneously, without chunks forming (even if melted in the microwave). Once melted, the chocolate can be formed and used as enrobing for a longer time before it eventually hardens.

Veliche™ Gourmet’s unique 12mm dots enable fast, simple melting and dosing. Our chocolate makes your job easier and offers a better end result. It is, however, essential, that you always take the tempering curve of the chocolate – as shown below – into account. Discover all of our tempting premium Belgian chocolate options here.

Would you like you to find out for yourself how easy it is to work with Veliche™ Gourmet? Chocolate professionals can request a sample at [email protected], we would love to hear about your experiences

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