Fireworks Lollipop

Recept van François Galtier

I. Composition

  • Dark Red Shell
  • Chocolate Tubes
  • Hazelnut Praline
  • Raspberry Hazelnut Ganache
  • Decoration

II. Dark Red Shell


Melt all together, temper to 29°C and make a thin shell with cone mold CW1984.

III. Chocolate Tubes


Cut some bands of transfer sheet and roll in tubes of ø2cm, then place into metallic or plastic tube of the same size to be perfectly round. Fill up with tempered dark chocolate, take out the extra chocolate to keep a thin layer, then roll on table until it starts to crystalize to be very regular all around the tube. Unmold when it’s completely crystalized and cut segments of 5cm to fix on the dark red shell and close one side.

IV. Hazelnut Praline


Melt cocoa butter and mix with praline and salt. Use between 25 and 28°C.

V. Raspberry Hazelnut Ganache


Warm up puree with oil to 60°C and pour on chocolate and praline. Blend to get a nice emulsion and use between 28 and 30°C.

VI. Decoration

  • 1pc Brown Chocodecor
  • 1pc Yellow Chocodecor
  • SQ Wood Lollipop Sticks


Make a rope with brown chocodecor and 2 small stars with yellow chocodecor for the spark.

VII. Montage

Fill around 3g of praline in each tube, let crystalize a little and fill with around 6g of ganache. Fix wood stick on each tube with some dark chocolate and finish to fill with around 3g of praline to be full. Let crystallize, decorate with rope and spark then unmold.